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Projects eligible for financial grant

Projects whose objective is to e.g. establish long-term business partnership or cooperation with an international ODA eligible organisation are eligible for Business Partnership Support. The financial grant is intended e.g. for the planning phase of business projects and the development of existing business operations.


The financial grant, Business Partnership Support, can be granted to Finnish operators for projects that are targeted to developing markets and have one of the following objectives:

  • Long-term business partnership (the most common project type)
  • Piloting with an ODA eligible international organisation
  • Feasibility study for an investment project (PIF)
  • Support function project

Long-term business partnership

The majority of projects supported by Finnpartnership aim to establish a long-term business partnership. In this context, business partnership means cooperation between a Finnish operator and a local company or organisation in the target country. Thus, financial grant is not granted for projects whose only aim is to export. In order to receive the financial grant, a project must have one of the following objectives:

  • establish a joint venture with a local operator
  • establish a subsidiary
  • import products to Finland and other countries
  • conclude a subcontract, service contract, franchise contract or licencing contract (excl. selling and user’s licences)
  • develop existing business operations in the target country

More detailed information on all the project types can be found on the terms and conditions of Business Partnership Support. Finnpartnership does not support projects in industries that are on the exclusion list. If the project involves the export of dual-use items (goods that can be used for both civilian and military applications), the applicant shall read the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ export control guidelines on dual-use items for companies.

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Supported project phases

The purpose of Business Partnership Support is to support the initial stages of business activities, i.e. the work done by a Finnish company to determine whether starting business in the target country is feasible and how to launch these operations. Business Partnership Support is also granted for developing existing business activities. Depending on the project type, financial grant can be granted for:

  1. identifying a business partner or partners
  2. conducting a feasibility study
  3. preparing a business plan
  4. assessing a project’s environmental and social impacts
  5. piloting and demonstrating technology and solutions
  6. training local personnel
  7. developing existing business operations in the target country

A Finnish operator can apply for financial grant for one or more project phase at a time. For more detailed information about project phases on piloting and developing existing business operations, see the conditions of Business Partnership Support.

Depending on the objective of the project, financial grant may be granted for all or only some project phases. If the project type is a long-term business partnership, support can be granted for project phases 1 to 7. If the aim of the project is to pilot a project with an international ODA eligible organisation, support can be granted for phases 1 to 5. If the objective is to prepare a feasibility study for an investment project, support can be granted for phases 2 and 4. Support function projects do not have separate project phases.

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Application workshops

Finnpartnership organises monthly virtual application workshops, in which the participants learn how to submit an application. The participants are also given examples of different project types and phases to help them plan their own projects.

Amount of support and target countries

The financial grant offered by Finnpartnership is between EUR 15,000 and 400,000. Support is granted for Finnish operators’ projects in developing markets.