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SDG Booster workshops

The objective of SDG Booster workshops is to create commercial solutions to needs that have already been identified in the target countries.

SDG Booster workshops offer operators in Finland and developing markets an opportunity to develop both sustainable and commercial solutions. The workshops bring together companies, organisations, representatives of public administration and international institutions and financiers, who focus on developing potential solutions to address needs identified in the target country. These needs are determined by, for example, the local government and UN agencies. The aim of SDG Booster workshops is to launch joint projects that involve both Finnish and local operators.

Each SDG Booster focuses on a specific sector and geographical area. The event consists of 2–3 workshops organised either in the target country or online. Participation in SDG Booster workshops is free of charge.

The participants receive information about the Sustainable Development Goals and, in particular, the target country’s market potential through a market analysis conducted in each workshop. The participants are also given an opportunity to introduce their activities to other operators. The participants’ presentations are published on a virtual platform, which the participants can visit even after the event, and where they can learn more about their fellow participants’ activities and find the contact details of potential business partners. The platform also contains information about the services provided by Finnpartnership and the other event organisers as well as the market analysis conducted in the workshop.