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Global Gateway campaign

The EU is mobilising billions in investment in developing markets which opens new business opportunities for Finnish companies.

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The aim of Finnpartnership’s Global Gateway campaign is to enable an increasing number of Finnish companies to take advantage and get involved in EU procurements and investments in developing markets. Through the campaign, companies are built a tailored path towards new business opportunities in their target countries. Finnpartnership supports companies in cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Finnish embassies in Brussels and developing countries, and Business Finland.

In 2023 and 2024, Finnpartnership’s objective is to enable approximately 15 Finnish companies to become involved in EU-funded projects through, for example, their own pilot or reference projects. Finnpartnership offers these companies funding, the amount of which depends of the project’s target country and the company’s size. The size of campaign projects is approximately EUR 100,000–300,000.

How the service works

Team Finland and Team Europe networks convey information about upcoming EU projects to Finnpartnership, which creates clear and compact information packages for Finnish companies. Finnpartnership communicates about EU projects in its newsletters, website and application workshops, and in cooperation with other Team Finland operators.

Companies seize opportunities in which the target country and sector offer long-term business opportunities, but where the launch of a project requires research, references or piloting.

A company applies for Business Partnership Support to cover some (or most) of the project’s initial expenses.

After being granted Business Partnership Support, a company enters a consultation process tailored to the company’s needs. The company receives information and support in becoming involved in the European Union’s procurements and investments, for example, by joining consortia competing for local contracts or becoming a subcontractor or tenderer. Finnpartnership provides a contact map to the company to make their work easier. If necessary, the company is given guidance on participating in competitive tendering and other tendering-related training.

For more information:

Julian Blom

Global Gateway Project Lead

EU project funding and investments

+358 (0)40 531 6537
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Learn more about EU-funded projects

Many projects related to the EU’s Global Gateway strategy have already started or are in development. Finnpartnership compiles the latest information about projects that Team Finland has screened and where there is a particular demand for Finnish companies.

What is Global Gateway?

Global Gateway is the EU’s geopolitical strategy aiming to increase the Union’s influence around the world, reinforce its cooperation with various operators and create major infrastructure projects with other actors. Team Europe, that consists of EU institutions and Member States, will mobilise around EUR 300 billion in investment between 2021 and 2027. The investments are focused on the digital, energy, transport, and health sectors as well as in education and research. The strategy aims to deliver sustainable projects that take into account the needs of the partner countries and their local communities.