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Financial grant

Business Partnership Support is a financial grant offered by Finnpartnership. Finnish operators can apply for it for commercial projects in developing markets.


The purpose of Business Partnership Support is to promote Finnish companies’ aims to create and develop business activities and partnerships in developing markets. At the same time, the business activities supported must create positive development impacts in the target countries.

Business Partnership Support is granted by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs as part of the Finnish Government’s official development cooperation. The financial grant can be granted to Finnish operators for projects aiming to launch long-term and profitable business in developing markets. The grant is intended for the planning, training and piloting phases of business projects as well as the development of existing business operations. Detailed information on the financial grant can be found on the terms and conditions of Business Partnership Support. Business Partnership Support is subject to the Act on Discretionary Government Grants (2001/688).

Who can apply for the financial grant

Finnish companies and operators can apply for Business Partnership Support. Eligible applicants can be:

  • A company registered in Finland (e.g. limited company, general partnership, limited partnership, sole proprietor)
  • A company registered abroad with at least 20% under Finnish ownership
  • A public institution registered in Finland or a public sector institution operating under public institution principles
  • A research institution, university, cooperative, chamber of commerce or similar organisation that operates in Finland
  • A non-governmental organisation or association registered in Finland
  • A consortium of the aforementioned operators.

The grant applicant must be the implementer of the project and the project must be significant to its operations. If the applicant is a consortium formed by more than one operator, each member of the consortium shall submit a separate grant application.

Insinöörit yhteistyö

Application workshops

Finnpartnership organises monthly virtual application workshops, in which the participants learn about Business Partnership Support, how to apply for it, what types of projects are eligible for the grant and how to do the application.