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Consultation about environmental, social and human rights impacts

The service aims to increase companies’ awareness of the target countries’ environmental and social issues and any challenges related to human rights.

Finnpartnership offers a free consulting service (voucher consulting) to companies that have received Business Partnership Support and whose projects are challenging in terms of environmental, social and human rights impacts. The consulting service provides companies with concrete tools for identifying and managing risks during the project’s planning and implementation stage.

Finnpartnership evaluates the need for consultation for each project and, if necessary, offers it to the company. Consultation is provided about three themes (vouchers):

  • environmental and social impacts
  • human rights impacts
  • fragile states and conflict zones.

The consulting service is offered at the start of the project, at the reimbursement stage or during project monitoring. One support recipient can be offered consulting services more than once.

For more information:

Eelis Hemberg

Programme Officer

Business Partnership Support, Development impacts

+358 (0)40 184 5723