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B2B Matchmaking events

Every year, Finnpartnership organises several seminars in developing markets, runs Team Finland exhibition booths, and holds virtual workshops that bring together businesses and key organisations in Finland and developing markets.

Doing Business with Finland -seminaari Mongoliassa

Doing Business with Finland seminars

Doing Business with Finland seminars are always held in the target countries and they offer Finnish operators an easy way to get to know local businesses. The seminars highlight business opportunities in selected industries. Finnish companies are also given an opportunity to introduce their own activities to potential new business partners.

SDG Booster workshops

The objective of the virtual workshops is to create commercial solutions to needs that have already been identified in the target countries. The events bring together companies and organisations in Finland and developing markets.

Team Finland -messuosasto Namibiassa

Team Finland exhibition booths

Finnpartnership organises Team Finland exhibition booths for Finnish operators at trade fairs held in developing markets, usually in connection with Doing Business with Finland seminars.