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After receiving the financial grant

After receiving the decision to be granted Business Partnership Support, it is important that the recipient reads the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ discretionary government transfer decision and appendices thereof carefully. The recipient must also fill in a form of commitment, in which the recipient agrees to comply with the conditions of Business Partnership Support, as soon as possible.

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Familiarise yourself with the approved project budget

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs publishes its discretionary government transfer decisions to grant Business Partnership Support and approved project expenses in the e-Service. It is important that the support recipient reviews the approved project expenses carefully and checks the guiding development impact targets set for the project. Finnpartnership’s step-by-step instructions help you navigate the e-Service.

The approved project budget is binding and it must be followed throughout the implementation of the project. Expenses outside the project budget are not necessarily approved, unless the support recipient has applied for and been granted an advance approval to adjust its budget.

The times specified in the project plan and project budget are not however binding. Transactions within the approved budget may be made outside the original schedule. In any case, the reimbursement of the financial grant must be requested by Business Partnership Support’s expiry date.

Commitment to comply with conditions of Business Partnership Support

Organisations that have been granted Business Partnership Support shall agree to comply with the conditions of Business Partnership Support. The support recipient must fill in the form of commitment in the e-Service as soon as possible after receiving the discretionary government transfer decision. This should not be done later than when they submit the first reimbursement request. The payment of Business Partnership Support is conditional on the form of commitment.

Amendment of the project plan or budget

In exceptional cases, if the financial grant recipient wishes to amend the project plan or an approved budget when the project is already in progress, they must apply for a permission to do so by submitting a notification of amendment form in the e-Service. The permission must be applied for before any changes are made. It is not possible to change the expiry date of Business Partnership Support or the total amount of funding granted.

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Payment and reporting instructions

The financial grant recipient shall submit a reimbursement request for the payment of Business Partnership Support. Organisations that have been granted Business Partnership Support are also obliged to report on the progress of the project.

Support services for projects

Finnpartnership offers Finnish companies that have received Business Partnership Support various services that support their business activities in developing markets.