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Find a business partner

Finding a local business partner that meets your criteria is a key to success in developing markets. 

Finnpartnership’s B2B Matchmaking events and service bring together businesses in Finland and developing markets.

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B2B Matchmaking events

Every year, Finnpartnership organises several seminars in developing markets, runs Team Finland exhibition booths, and holds virtual workshops that bring together businesses and key organisations in Finland and developing markets.

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B2B Matchmaking service

The service consists of a database of companies operating in developing markets that are looking for Finnish business partners.

At the moment, the constantly growing database contains nearly 200 companies from over 50 countries.

Register to B2B Matchmaking service

Is your company interested in connecting with Finnish companies looking for local partners in your country and market? Or maybe you are interested in finding a Finnish partner for exporting to Finland and the EU? If so, benefit from our free B2B Matchmaking service.

Financial grant for finding a business partner

Finnpartnership’s financial grant for Finnish operators covers the broader screening of the target market to find business partners and conducting more detailed due diligence on potential partners. Background checks and potential cooperation agreements should always be done with care, and the grant also covers legal and consultation services.