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Finnpartnership programme promotes business between Finland and developing markets, with a focus on creating positive development impacts in target countries.

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Finnpartnership is a business partnership programme financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and managed by Finnfund. Its services are free for companies and organisations in Finland and developing markets. Finnpartnership strives to accelerate development in the Global South through sustainable business. The programme particularly supports the creation of sustainable and responsible jobs.

In practice, Finnpartnership promotes business activities and partnerships with the aim of generating positive development impacts in the target country. Finnpartnership offers Finnish companies and organisations that are interested in developing markets financial support, guidance and contacts to help them establish long-term business activities. The purpose of the programme is to share the risks related to launching business activities in developing markets.

The programme is demand-oriented and covers all the developing countries on the OECD Development Assistance Committee’s list.

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The main services are Business Partnership Support and B2B Matchmaking

Business Partnership Support is a financial grant offered by Finnpartnership for Finnish operators to launch new business and develop existing operations. Finnpartnership’s B2B Matchmaking service brings companies from Finland and developing markets together. Finnish organisations can look for new business partners in the B2B Matchmaking database, which contains information of more than 170 companies from developing markets.

Responsible business is sustainable business

The aim to generate development impacts can lead to new business opportunities. At the same time, attention to ethical issues and corporate responsibility should be highlighted. Finnpartnership supports responsible business activities carried out in compliance with international standards, and expects corporate responsibility and positive development impacts from the projects it supports.

Finnpartnership team

Is your company interested in growing its business in developing markets? Finnpartnership’s employees are happy to help you apply for Business Partnership Support and find potential business partners in the target country.