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Register to B2B Matchmaking service

Is your company interested in connecting with Finnish companies looking for local partners in your country and market? Or maybe you are interested in finding a Finnish partner for exporting to Finland and the EU? If so, benefit from our free B2B Matchmaking service.

B2B Matchmaking key sectors

The service is open to companies that are

  • Registered in an OECD-DAC -listed country
  • On a solid financial base and financially profitable
  • Established for at least one year before registration
  • Able to clearly describe the kind of business partner that is of interest


  • Company profile in the public B2B Matchmaking database
  • Company profile marketed in Finnpartnership monthly newsletter and on Finnpartnership LinkedIn and X accounts
  • Finnpartnership actively markets the B2B Matchmaking database to Finnish stakeholders

Register to the service

Below documents are mandatory attachments for registration. Please make sure that your company has these documents in order before you start to fill in the B2B Matchmaking registration form.

You can also include additional attachments to the registration form, such as product catalogues, relevant certificates, or a company presentation.