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How to apply for financial grant

The financial grant, Business Partnership Support, is granted by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and can be applied for throughout the year.

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Before starting the application process, it is important that the applicant reads the current conditions of Business Partnership Support and knows what the financial grant is used for. Monthly application workshops provide practical instructions for applying for the financial grant.

Finnish companies and organisations can apply for Business Partnership Support through the e-Service of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. After submitting their application, the applicant should check the e-Service regularly in case the Ministry sends them messages or requests for more information. The applicant will not be notified of such messages by email. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs publishes its discretionary government transfer decisions to grant Business Partnership Support in the e-Service. The waiting period is approximately 3–5 months.

The applicant may, at own risk, start the implementation of the project after the Ministry has acknowledged the receipt of the application in the e-Service. The acknowledgement of receipt states the project’s registration date. If the Ministry for Foreign Affairs grants Business Partnership Support for the project and approves the applicant’s expense budget, any expenses within the expense budget incurred on or after the registration date shall be considered to be eligible expenses.

Due to the public nature of Business Partnership Support, the name of the applicant organisation, the name of the Business Partnership Support recipients, the date of issue, as well as the amount of applied, granted and paid support are public information. Furthermore, any statistics, project name and target country provided in the application form are public information.

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Application instructions and forms

The application for financial grant consists of basic information sheet and application forms, filled in through the e-Service, and mandatory appendices. The application is not registered or processed until applicant has submitted the necessary appendices through the e-Service.

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Application workshops

Finnpartnership organises monthly virtual application workshops, in which the participants learn about the application process and receive practical tips for preparing their application.

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