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Support function project

Finnish non-governmental organisations, research institutes and educational institutions can also apply for financial grant for support function project that is directly related to a company’s Business Partnership Support project.

The support function project must aim to develop the local community. The project must be related directly to a company’s Business Partnership Support project or Business Finland’s Developing Markets Platform project. A non-governmental organisation can use the financial grant to realise activities that support the company’s project. However, the organisation itself must not operate for profit through the support function project. Both the company and the support operator must submit their own applications.

The objective of the support function project can be for example:

  • improvement of stakeholders’ capacity (incl. training on corporate responsibility and human rights issues as well as vocational, technical and business education of teachers/coaches/pilot groups), development of cooperation networks and piloting of products and services
  • development of cooperation and innovation platforms related to the parent project
  • organisation of seminars and workshops in connection with general educational and advocacy work