Swazi Candles Export (Pty) Ltd

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Axel Sointu

Manager, Partnerships

+358 (0)40 596 9877

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Swaziland Fair Trade Organization

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0.5 - 2 million €

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0.5 - 2 million €

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50% or more

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The company specializes in the production of hand-made decorative candles, and is searching for Finnish partners to start distribution of hand-made decorative candles in Finland and Scandinavian countries.


The company’s main products include many types of hand-made decorative candles which are produced using the updated technique of Millefiore where sheets of different colored hard wax are poured and rolled into patterns, then stretched and re-rolled many times until the desired patterns are acquired. Each candle is carefully and individually created by hand and the candles are environmentally friendly. Up to 85% of raw materials are recycled. Swazi Candles Export (Pty) Ltd is a fair-trade company. It is a member of the Swaziland Fair Trade Organization. 

Markets and customers

The customers so far have been trading companies from different countries including some EU countries.

Oran Algeria Oran Algeria