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Axel Sointu

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0-0.5 million €

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0-0.5 million €

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0 to 9%


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The company is looking for Finnish companies to provide knowledge in the financial, entrepreneurial and sustainability field, respecting the organic origin of the products as well as the cultural process of production. The company is interested in finding a Finnish company that could provide machinery that increases production with an emphasis on sustainability, tradition and product processes.


The company is specialized in organic products that have a gourmet quality and all of them are certified of being artisan as well as sustainable. “MexOtic” specializes in products that keep the organic properties of natural ingredients. The company’s main objective is to improve the quality of the dishes that are prepared in restaurants. With natural and organic products, the company seeks to create awareness around taking care of the environment.

The company’s main selection includes:

  • Natural foods: Honey, natural fruits puree, vanilla, Cinnamon.
  • Ethnic products: Coffee, Cocoa and Granulated Piloncillo (Piloncillo is used in a huge number of Mexican dishes, from drinks to desserts. This ingredient is a natural sweetener that is derived from sugar cane)
  • Extracts: Vanilla Extract (reduced alcohol and alcohol free that is a new formula available since January 2021), garlic and onion natural extract powder.

Markets and customers

The company currently sells the products locally and their products are distributed in restaurants and shops around Mexico. Now the company strives to bring Mexican culture around Europe too.

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