Is Vietnam a prospective market for you in terms of imports? Let us know which products are relevant for your company!


Finland has a long bilateral relationship with Vietnam ranging back to the 1970s. Imports from Vietnam to Finland have increased in the last years and totalled over €650 million in 2022. Whereas electrical machinery and equipment as well as iron and steel articles account for around half of the imported goods, additional leading import product categories include footwear, textiles and clothing, leather goods, furniture as well as coffee, tea and spices.

Finnpartnership is planning an online event together with Team Finland in Vietnam and our Vietnamese partners in September 2023. We would like to encourage Finnish companies, that are interested in mapping the potential for starting imports from Vietnam, to contact us and share details about specific sectors and products that are of their interest. This will allow us to invite the most relevant local companies to the event based on actual desires from the Finnish companies.  

Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support can be granted for projects that aim to import from developing markets to Finland. For Vietnam, the grant covers 70% of the project budget. A project can include activities such as identifying Vietnamese import partners, market research, and feasibility studies. Product development related to requirements for a product to fit for the Finnish market, potential product tests including tests required for public authorities’ import permits, and auditing related to the assessment of producer responsibility are also project activities eligible for our support.

Please share your sector and product interests with Finnpartnership’s team in Hanoi by 30 July 2023!

Tam Nguyen

Trang Nguyen

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