Global Gateway campaign: Team Europe projects in education in preparation


30 March 2023

Cooperation opportunities for Finnish companies and organisations are currently being explored regarding two Global Gateway strategy related projects. Finnpartnership’s Global Gateway campaign, launched at the beginning of this year, provides Finnish companies the opportunity to receive business partnership support and tailored advice on how to get involved in EU projects. Follow our website for upcoming opportunities. Do not hesitate to contact us already if you have previous experience in similar projects as below, particularly in Africa, and we will keep you updated regarding the projects’ opportunities.

Developing labour market-based vocational education and training

The expectations for vocational education and training are high on the African continent, especially with regard to reducing youth unemployment. Team Europe’s Opportunity Driven Skills and VET in Sub-Saharan Africa (TEI OP-VET) project aims to increase the labour market relevance of vocational education and training. The project focuses on the development needs of VET specifically regarding employment opportunities and value chains driven by investment.

Finland participates in the preparation and implementation of the initiative together with France, Germany, and Belgium. The Finnish National Agency for Education and in particular the Finnish Centre of expertise in Education and Development (FinCEED) are involved in the design of the TEI OP-VET project. Finnish expertise is particularly appreciated, and the project will open up opportunities for vocational training providers. The initiative builds on the experience of the VET Toolbox project funded by the European Commission.

Increasing the number of trained teachers

In early 2023, the European Commission launched the Regional Teachers’ Initiative in Africa, which will see the European Union investing around €100 million in education in Africa. The initiative aims to improve the quality of education in Sub-Saharan Africa by focusing on improving teachers’ working conditions and teacher training.

The sector faces a number of challenges. Teachers often lack professional development opportunities, support, or adequate resources, which makes the profession unattractive.

In this project too, Finland is working closely with France, Germany and Belgium, with the leadership of the Finnish National Agency for Education and FinCEED. The project will open up opportunities for experienced practitioners in both primary and early childhood education as well as in continuing education.

More information on both projects can be found on Finnpartnership’s website. If you are interested in the initiatives, please contact

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