Global Gateway – opportunities for Finnish companies

The EU is mobilising billions in investment in developing markets which opens new business opportunities for Finnish companies.

Finnpartnership, in cooperation with Team Finland network, offers Finnish companies new opportunities to take part in projects and investments in developing markets supported by the European Union.

What is Global Gateway?

Global Gateway is a strategy launched by the EU in 2021 to strengthen its cooperation with actors around the world. Team Europe, that consists of EU institutions and Member States, will mobilise around €300 billion in investment between 2021 and 2027 in: digital, climate and energy, transport, health, and education and research. The strategy aims to support infrastructure in the target countries and deliver sustainable projects that take into account the needs of the partner countries and their local communities.


Enabling Finnish companies to take part in EU-supported projects

Finnpartnership has launched a new advisory and financing service in January 2023. The service aims to enable an increasing number of Finnish companies to take advantage and get involved in EU procurements and investments in developing markets. The Global Gateway campaign is a joint effort by Finnpartnership, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finnish Embassies in Brussels and developing countries, and Business Finland to build a tailormade path for companies to access business opportunities in the target countries.

Finnpartnership’s aim is to support around 15 Finnish companies over the next two years to take part in EU-supported projects, for example through their own pilot or reference project. Particularly good networking services can be provided for the projects listed on this page. The proportion of the grant funding depends on the target country and the size of the company applying for the grant. The size of the campaign projects ranges from around €100 000 to €300 000.

Finnpartnership invites Finnish companies to take advantage of the funding and services offered by the campaign. Get the most recent information of EU-supported projects by participating in our digital application workshops and by following our newsletter and website. You can find all the projects screened and supported by Team Finland here.


How does the new service work?

  1. Team Finland network shares information about upcoming EU project opportunities to Finnpartnership, which packages the information for Finnish companies as clearly as possible. Finnpartnership will disseminate the information via its channels, on newsletter, website and application workshops, as well as in cooperation with other Team Finland organisations.
  2. Companies seize feasible opportunities where the target country and sector offer long-term business opportunities, but where their project might need further research, references or a pilot to get off the ground.
  3. The company applies for Business Partnership Support to partly (often even for the most part) cover the initial project phases.
  4. When the company receives a positive decision for the grant, Finnpartnership launches a tailormade advisory process. The company receives information and support on how to take part in EU procurements and investments, for example as partner of a local consortia competing for tenders, as subcontractors, or as tenderers themselves. The company receives a contact map to support the entry to new market. If needed, the company can receive guidance on how to participate in tendering procedures in practice and, where appropriate, training on tendering.


Contact us for further information

Julian Blom, Global Gateway Project Lead

julian.blom(at), puh. 040 531 6537


Tam Nguyen, Regional Coordinator – Asia

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