Viet Linh Electrical-Electronics Manufacturing & Trading Limited Company

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Viet Nam

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Exports to Finland


Mechanical and electrical engineering

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Trang Nguyen

Programme Officer – Asia

+84 (0)358 768 165

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Certifications/quality standards

ISO 9001:2001

Year of registeration


Number of employees


Annual turnover

0-0.5 million €

Annual balance sheet total

0.5-2 million €

Already engaged in international business


Percentage of international business

0 to 9 %

Cooperation proposal

The company specialised in electrical engineering and products, and is searching for Finnish partners to represent their products in the Nordic market. They are also looking to act as supplier for maritime and industrial sectors in need of electrical or solar products.


Main products include Inverters, Generators, Grid solar power system, Stabilizers, Electronic equipment, power supply devices for laboratories. The company main advantages are quality products with very competitive cost thanks to the advantages of Vietnamese economy. According to the company, their advantage also lies in the ability to design/customise and manufacture products responsively to customer requirements.

Markets and customers

The customers so far have been international companies located in Vietnam but also in Cambodia. The covered industries have been e.g. telecommunications. The company has also experience of maritime industry and solar projects in Germany and New Zealand.

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