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Elizabeth Okunda

Regional Coordinator – Africa

+254 (0)714 865 803

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Trash Bank a Nigerian social enterprise producing reprocessed plastic waste into direct reusable secondary raw materials known as pellets and primary finished products. They are looking for Finnish Partners with technical know how and innovative solutions in the waste management and plastic recycling sector. They are also looking for JV partners and Finnish circular economy companies to expand their service offerings in Northern- Nigeria towards environmental sustainability.


Trash Bank is a social enterprise in the waste-recycling sector. They collect plastic waste and convert it to PET flakes, LDPE and HDPE pellets to be used as secondary raw materials in other production

Trash Bank as a social enterprise operates a business model that support livelihoods by helping people at the bottom of the pyramid to exchange all their waste for direct cash incentives on its platform and in turn use the cash to improve their livelihood.


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All waste collected is reprocessed & recycled into direct reusable secondary raw materials known as pellets and primary finished products; trash and shopping bags, these two main products are sold to generate revenue and sustain the business.

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Trash bank is also interested in joint venture to expand their service offerings to other parts of Nigeria and Africa in waste management and circular economy sector.  Trash Bank is also seeking  partners in Finland interested in the off-take or export of plastic waste raw materials from Nigeria to Finland (PET flakes, LDPE and HDPE pellets) or other types of reprocessed plastic  waste or raw trash that are semi-processed for secondary use.

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