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Information and communication technology

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Trang Nguyen

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+84 (0)358 768 165

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0.5-2 million €

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0.5-2 million €

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Cooperation proposal

The objective is to establish a joint venture, or subcontracting/outsourcing & offshored services/production/marketing or trading activities to promote Finnish products in Tien Phong’s business areas.

The Finnish partner should be in IT and/or SI, working with 3D Architectural Design/Rendering and/or 3D Animation/Game market, or specialized in the Digital Signage, Touchscreen Displaying Kiosk or biometric solutions and other IT systems.

The project is expected to be implemented in two phases. First, the pilot phase, where the Vietnamese 3D Designer or SW development team should be able to handle monthly orders from a Finnish partner. During the pilot project, the Finnish partners will focus on transferring know-how in the areas.

The second phase is the joint-venture phase. The future joint venture will function as a development unit of a Finnish partner focusing on software development and 3D and/or customer-oriented Biometric service system design. After this cooperation, the Finnish partner could negotiate for the next phase of cooperation as a merger or exchange of shares, sale/acquisition of a complete company/joint venture or a part of it.


The company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and specialized in Information & Communication Systems & Software and High-Tech Application Development, Digital Visual Messaging solutions, Big Video wall and Multiview processing systems for Command and Control Centres, Data visualization and business presentations, Entertainment, including supplying equipment and system applications for TV and Broadcast as well.

At present, the company’s activities encompass the following business areas:

  • Hardware, Networking products and SI services in IT and Telecom market fields,
  • Multi-Biometric Software Solution, ePassport, Border Control etc.,
  • Software application development: Esri ArcGIS, Graphic information System (GIS) solutions;
  • Microsoft SharePoint-based eNewspaper Editorial application management,
  • 3D Architectural Design, Animation & Outsourcing development,
  • Multi-display Digital Visual Messaging,
  • Foreign investment consulting
  • Travel agent
  • General trading and import-export activities

Markets and customers

The company’s international partners are Gemalto, IBM, Dell, HP and Microsoft. The company has participated in Cebit 2009 & 2014 and PALME 2010 & 2011. The company has also achieved Software Outsourcing in Biometric and 3D Architectural Design-Animation exhibitions.

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