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Viet Nam

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Information and communication technology

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Trang Nguyen

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+84 (0)358 768 165

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0.5-2 million €

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0.5-2 million €

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Cooperation proposal

The company is providing software outsourcing services and supply skilled IT professionals and undertake software development projects for clients in Europe and North America, Australia and South-East Asia.

The company is looking for Finnish clients, who are in need of software outsourcing services. Project proposed is software outsourcing service whose size is from 3-10 developers.


The company is qualified in.NET, Java, PHP, C/C++ and Mobile development on various platforms for development and maintenance activities. The company has implemented and maintained projects in various domains, such as healthcare, telecom, finance, securities and education.

The company’s mission is to provide world-class services with the flexibility and economic advantage of allocating work either off-shore from their facility in Vietnam or on-site at the client’s facility. SEA-Solutions is focused on integrating offshore software development services with the customer’s workflow. SEA-Solutions uses proven industry best practices and tools to ensure that every project is totally transparent and delivered in a clear manner.

Markets and customers

70% of the company’s activities are outsourcing service in various markets in different continents such as Europe (Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden), North America (the U.S, Canada), Australia and Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore). Software provided has been unlimited in forms and usages, including website CMS solutions, feedlots, CRMs, tariff systems, micromarketing, etc., using a wide range of technical skills. The company promotes high-performance and low-cost culture.

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