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Textiles and clothing

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Elizabeth Okunda

Regional Coordinator – Africa

+254 (0)714 865 803

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0.5 - 2 million €

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2 - 10 million €

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50% or more

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The company specializes in the manufacturing and export of home-made textiles, quality leather products as well as other handcrafted products and home decor, and is searching for Finnish partners to operate as trade intermediaries in Europe.


The company operates in the manufacturing and export of handmade Ethiopian products such as hand-woven textiles, leather products for home and fashion lines, and other handcrafted products. According to the company, their brands link the artisan skills of one of Africa’s most ancient civilizations with American and European fashion know-how. The result is unique contemporary treasures, made in and out of Addis Ababa, that have already gathered fans from New York to Tokyo. All of Sammy Ethiopia’s products are 100% handmade.

Markets and customers

The customers so far have been various international stores and boutiques in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, South Africa, Poland, Czech Republic Denmark and Belgium.

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