Powerstove Offgrid Electricity Limited [POEL]

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Elizabeth Okunda

Regional Coordinator – Africa

+254 (0)714 865 803

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Powerstove provides clean electricity for household lighting, charging of mobile phones and clean cooking energy in energy-poor regions of the world. Powerstove combines clean energy, IoT, Machine Learning and mobile phone technology to bring clean energy to people in Africa and are seeking potential Finnish partners interested in compensating for their greenhouse emissions through carbon offsetting by providing the Powerstove to indigent communities and companies interested in renewable energy solutions for developing countries.


Powerstove promotes sales and educates women about deforestation, indoor air pollution and inefficient cooking. The company also partners with large carbon footprint companies providing investment for the distribution of their clean energy products as a means of carbon offsetting to compensate for pollution. They help customers offset their carbon footprints, reduce emission, and invest in carbon credits by providing clean cooking stove to households in energy poor regions and companies.

Markets and customers

Powerstove has had international activities and partnership with GreenTec Capital Partners and Erasmus Tech Consulting supporting in the carbon credit market development.

The company with operations in Nigeria and Kenya seeks to expand in the African continent as well as expand to the European Union for possible joint venture in promoting climate change innovations and initiatives through expansion of current offering via financing the production and distribution of clean cookstove and fuel to alleviate hunger, poverty, mitigate deforestation and climate change in Africa with returns on investment through sales of carbon credits generated by these clean cookstoves and renewable fuel distribution system.

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