Phytopharm-trade LLC

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Agriculture and food processing

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Axel Sointu

Manager, Partnerships

+358 (0)40 596 9877

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0.5-2 million €

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0.5-2 million €

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50% or more

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The company is specialised in processing of medicinal aromatic plants (dried plants, berries, roots, barks), and is searching for Finnish investors for building a processing plan for medicinal plants and berries.


The company’s main products include elderfruits and flowers, linden flowers, hawthorn fruits, arnica flowers, dog rose fruits, blueberries and lingonberries.

The company is currently looking for an investor to increase the current business or to set up a new business based on their knowledge in MAP (extraction, distillation, essential oils production etc.). The company is looking for financial investors (increasing the working capital for season) and strategic investors (building a processing plan of medicinal plants and berries). Phytopharm-trade LLC is ready to finance 50 % for the expansion of their current business. The company is also looking for buyer/trade agents for medicinal aromatic products.

Markets and customers

The customers so far have been European pharma, food and cosmetics companies from Germany, Spain, Poland and Czech Republic.

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