Neoteric Nepal P Ltd

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Information and communication technology

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Trang Nguyen

Programme Officer – Asia

+84 (0)358 768 165

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Annual turnover

10-20 million €

Annual balance sheet total

10-20 million €

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Over 50%

Cooperation proposal

The company specialised in distribution of information technology, communications and entertainment products, and is searching for Finnish companies with experience in system integration of telecom infrastructure for front-end bids to large telecom opportunities in Nepal.


The company is a leading provider of IT and telecom infrastructure in Nepal. The company is a distributor for Nokia and Dell in Nepal and according to the company, they have major marketshare in broadband – FTTH space in the country and the potential to reach almost any kind of IT product / service to clients in Nepal.

Markets and customers

The customers so far have been telecom companies and broadband companies (ISPs). The company undertakes large projects including installations, support and services, and acts as a distributor for various international tech companies such as Dell, HPE and Nokia.

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