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Elizabeth Okunda

Regional Coordinator – Africa

+254 (0)714 865 803

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The company is interested to cooperate with partners that are looking to benefit from offering timeless wooden products to international markets. As such, Mupapa Wood is interested in potential importers of their products.

The company is also open to discuss potential collaboration schemes such as a local JV in Zambia, or potential investments into the company.


Mupapa Wood is a family run business producing timber products whilst upholding environmental and social responsibility. Utilising sustainably sourced indigenous hardwoods, the company crafts bespoke and high-quality products such as windows and doors, flooring, tables and chairs, beams, shelving, and anything that can be made from wood, including both small and large items.

The company also offers dedicated after-sales services such as installation and delivery, as well as a showroom for viewing and customer queries.

Markets and customers

The products are mainly marketed to middle- and upper-class markets, as products are crafted to high standards with quality sustainable timber. Whilst this segment in Zambia is a more limited market, it still offers higher value.

All products are competitively priced, with smaller products such as chopping boards and trays being widely affordable.

The main market is in Lusaka, with some sales also outside the capital area.

Additional information

The company aims at attaining certification in using sustainable timber and applying sustainable processes. Mupapa Wood is part of many associations such as the Zambian Association of Manufactures, and Zambian Chancer of Commerce and Industry.

The company offers vocational training to local colleges, environmental outreach and climate positive action through reforestation and sustainable manufacturing. With the company’s own NGO alongside the business, Mupapa Wood can engage in reforestation projects, education and upskilling, as well as fight climate change.

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