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Information and communication technology

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Elizabeth Okunda

Regional Coordinator – Africa

+254 (0)714 865 803

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0-0.5 million €

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0-0.5 million €

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0 to 9%

Cooperation proposal

The company specializes in software development and is searching for a Finnish partner interested in subcontracting or potentially forming a joint venture related to an ongoing project. The company can also operate as a brand ambassador for Finnish solutions entering Rwandan market.


The company’s services include software and app development, web based applications, SEO and ICT training. The company is currently developing e.g. solution to help in fight against COVID-19 by tracking, tracing and monitoring.

Markets and customers

The company has a wide range of customers from healthcare centers, schools, churches, offices, public & private institutions, cooperatives, supermarkets, stadiums to transport agencies.

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