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Trang Nguyen

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+84 (0)358 768 165

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The company specializes in the export of Indian handmade products such as scarfs, stoles, shawls, home textiles, brassware, and jewelry. The company is currently looking for a partner to source and sell its products in Finland through a joint venture or as a franchise or distributor.


The company’s main products include

* Hand Block Printed Indian Contemporary Clothing.
* Hand Block Printed Indian Home Textiles.
* Hand Block Printed Silk Scarves & Stoles.
* Hand Embroidered Shawls including PURE PASHMINA.
* Handmade wall hangings using different kinds of Patches, Borders, Zardozi Stitches, etc.
* Handmade Indian Traditional Jewellery.
* Handmade Indian Handicrafts.


Markets and customers

The customers so far have been from the UK and France.

Oran Algeria Oran Algeria