Javana Graphics Pvt. Ltd.

General information


Sri Lanka

Business partnership

Exports to Finland



Interested in this company

Trang Nguyen

Programme Officer – Asia

+84 (0)358 768 165

Other company information

Year of registeration


Number of employees


Annual turnover

0.5-2 million €

Annual balance sheet total

0.5-2 million €

Already engaged in international business


Percentage of international business

1-9 %

Cooperation proposal

The company specializes in education materials and is looking for a partner to enter the Finnish market.


Products include educational toys, board games, hobby items, English and number activity books, note books and stationery.

The company can also customize products based on customer need.

Key selling points include:

  • Ability to do small Customize orders
  • Educated and trained labour force
  • Competitive labor costs compared with European countries
  • EN 71 certification for the Toys
  • Experience in servicing European Markets
  • Ability to meet quality standards expected by the customers

Markets and customers

The company´s customers include leading super markets, toy shops, department stores, leading schools, stationery suppliers and companies that manufacture similar products (for producing under their label).

The main market is Sri Lanka. Annually, the company also delivers an order to Norway. Javana Graphics used to export to Spain and the Netherlands (through the Fair Trade organization).

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