ITRESIM Consulting S.A.

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Construction and civil engineering

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Axel Sointu

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+358 (0)40 596 9877

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0-0.5 million €

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0-0.5 million €

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Over 50%

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The company specialised in construction and providing high quality Building Information Modeling (BIM). They are searching for Finnish partners to originate projects to ITRESIM, which will in turn be responsible for delivering the services.


Main products and services include high-quality BIM at competitive prices for companies in the AEC sector which are currently utilising digital tools.

Markets and customers

The company has been involved in various projects in e.g. Denmark with partners such as 3dbyggeri and Trio Arkitekter: Kobenhavns Lufthavn, Denmarks Tekniske Universitet, Egedal Kommune, Vola, Velux, AGTA Record, Hudevad, Unidrain, Pressalit, Riegens, Ideal Standard, Grundfos, Velfac. In Peru, the company is currently conducting projects for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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