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Agriculture and food processing

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Elizabeth Okunda

Regional Coordinator – Africa

+254 (0)714 865 803

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0-0.5 million €

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0-0.5 million €


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The organization’s broader business interest is agribusiness, mining, mineral processing, and power/energy. They are looking for a business partner with whom to establish a joint venture, and are also open to discussing equity share holding in the organization.


The organization works with local communities and participates in the agriculture and food processing sector with the intent to have final beneficence products and value addition. They work with the communities in growing and selling food crops like rice, wheat, maize, tomatoes, cabbages, watermelons and onions. They contribute to improved nutrition and food security through value addition and capacity building in agribusiness.

Other activities the organization is involved in span across the water sector, energy sector, Mining and Mineral processing, oil, gas and Petroleum sector as well as in health and sanitation. They are interested in Mineral exploration, Mining and power/energy generation for both local use and exportation. They are also involved in water-related initiatives such as building water dams.

Markets and customers

The organization’s markets include supermarkets, millers, companies in the construction industry and health sector.

Additional information

The organization is offering its partners expertise in the fields they operate in as well as an opportunity to own shares of the organization.

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