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Elizabeth Okunda

Regional Coordinator – Africa

+254 (0)714 865 803

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0-0.5 million €

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0-0.5 million €

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The company is specialized in selling custom-made jewelery, and is searching for investors and Finnish companies that can provide Molding & 3D CAD training.


The company’s main products include custom-made hand craft jewelry using colored gemstones in silver and gold. The company’s offering includes:

  • High quality/grade of colored gemstones currently not available yet in some EU countries.
  • Cut and polished colored gemstones for Jewelers and collectors.
  • Gemstone specimens for educational purposes in universities and tertiary institutions.

The company is an International Gem Society (IGS) member meaning that their products and pricing must conform to their standards. The head designer of the company is enrolled in GIA’s Gemology program to ensure that the products are graded to global standards. The company is also recognized by the Gemological Institute of America for having trained staff in Color Gemstones: https://www.gia.edu/retailer-lookup

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