Culturas Andinas Tiahaunacu Import Export S.R.L.

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Axel Sointu

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The company is specialised in the production and exports of 100% Alpaca wool garments. They are searching for Finnish trade intermediaries and buyers for a long-term relationship for the Nordic matket.


Main products include sweaters for men in Troyer, Milenio, Shirt and Intarsia models, sweaters for women in Intarsia, Milenio and Shirt model, and sweaters for children in the same styles. They also produce shawls, scarfs, hats and gloves for men, women and children.

Target customers are consumers looking for a high quality garments with eco-sustainable materials. Alpaca wool is classified as one of the best in the world, the thickness varies from 18 to 22 microns (cashmere is 19 microns). Alpacas are free grazing animals in lands without pesticides, they are not fed with hormones and do not receive chemicals. According to the company their products compete with the cashmere garments in quality, softness and other aspects.

The company produces high quality clothing with the following characteristics:

  • Light garments
  • Three times stronger than sheep fibber and seven times hotter
  • Soft texture competing with cashmere´s softness
  • Keeps a natural shine after the processes.
  • Possibility to obtain more than 20 colours in the process.
  • Does not create static
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