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Information and communication technology

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Elizabeth Okunda

Regional Coordinator – Africa

+254 (0)714 865 803

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The company is currently looking for Finnish partners specializing in AI, Energy efficiency and IoT environment. They are interested in partners that have developed software products and solutions, and want to distribute them in South African markets through a partner.


The company specializes in Technical, Scientific and Business Software and Services. Products include Wolfram Mathematica, Anylogic Simulation Software, Origin Graphing Software, Expert Choice and HUGIN for Decision support and Lingo Linear programming tools. Application areas include: Multi-method Simulation Development, Mathematical Modeling, Data Analytics, Optimization Modeling, Decision Support Solutions and Technical Training.

Markets and customers

The company has a database of about 10,000 clients and prospects in the engineering, academic, government and scientific sectors. They have established product site licenses at 15 of the largest South African Universities and have experience in dealing with the academic sectors. Some of the commercial vertical markets include Mining, Finance & Banking and Engineering.

Customers so far include:

  • Foshini Retail: Development of a collaborative risk voting and analysis solution
  • Tata Infotec: Development of a LP optimization algorithm for their Botswana Customer
  • Lafarge SA: Modeling and optimization of their transport network and GIS frontend
  • ESKOM: Facilitated development of a web based Management information System for their environmental reporting.
  • De Beers: Statistical analysis and simulation of the effectivity of Scannex X-ray scanner vs manual security search techniques.
  • Enerserv: Development of a carbon footprint dashboard used for mine lifecycle planning
  • enValue : Development of a company Financial lifecycle dashboard
  • TATA India: Simulation of the steel making process to identify bottlenecks.
    Anglo American: Automated curve fitting of mineral analysis data
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