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Trang Nguyen

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The company is looking for a partner who can actively participate in the company’s sales and manufacturing. The partner can take the role of branding, marketing, and distribution, as well as participate in research and development, quality control, and certification.


Aroma Tea (ASTI) was founded with the core mission of providing high-standard organic and pesticide-free Orthodox tea. ASTI is located at the hub of tea leaves in a growing area called Suryodaya, Fikkal, in the remote hilly region in eastern Nepal.

Production capacity: 20000 to 30000 tons annually.
Products: Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tips/Tea, Golden Tea/Tips, Muscatel Tea, Green and Black Peral Tea. and Flavored Tea
Other services: Tea Garden, Tea Blending, Tea Packaging

Markets and customers

The company has exported a few kgs of tea (White and Golden Tea) to the Czech Republic. Retailers and Wholesalers are their key customers.

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