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Annually, Finnpartnership supports dozens of Finnish companies aiming to start business operations in Kenya. Finnish companies are known for quality solutions and services. Still, finding the right local business partner remains the first crucial step, and ultimately the key to success.

“Finnpartnership is about local value creation. We want to see Finnish companies partner with Kenyan companies, be it through joint ventures, licensing agreements or some other type of mutually beneficial long-term arrangement,” states Elizabeth Okunda, Finnpartnership’s Regional Coordinator, based in Nairobi.

Finnish companies particularly from the education and health sectors are actively looking for potential partners in Kenya. There is also interest from the environmental sector, including waste and water sectors. ICT and digital solutions cut across all sectors, and as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, Finnish companies have a lot to offer in this regard.

“We are grateful for Finnpartnership’s services that enabled Ninth Avenue Flowers have access to the Finnish market through the matchmaking. We have learnt a lot and grew in the process, and are looking forward to more connections and partnerships in 2024,” says Moturi Samuel, Director of Ninth Avenue Flowers.

Is your company interested in connecting with Finnish companies? If so, benefit from Finnpartnership’s free B2B Matchmaking service.

Finnpartnership maintains a public database of companies from developing and emerging markets. Each company’s offering is presented on Finnpartnership’s website and actively marketed to Finnish companies. Filling the registration form takes some effort, however this is to support your company’s credibility from the perspective of Finnish companies.

Basic criteria

  • A solid financial base and financially profitable
  • Established for at least one year ago

Steps to register

Finnpartnership is a business partnership programme financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and managed by Finnfund.