Ukrainian industry seeks Finnish expertise in civil defence shelters and prosthetics

Ukraine bombing

The Ukrainian League of Industries and Entrepreneurs (ULIE) is looking for Finnish expertise and technologies for the construction of bomb and civil defence shelters and the integration of different shelter solutions in public buildings such as schools and kindergartens. ULIE is also looking for Finnish partners to start manufacturing different types of prostheses in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s public infrastructure has been severely damaged since the war began, with numerous schools destroyed by bombing and air strikes. In the spirit of Finland’s national plan for reconstruction of Ukraine, ULIE is now seeking Finnish companies and other actors with expertise in building bomb and civil defence shelters and integrating them into public buildings. Thus, they can also be used, for example, as teaching facilities.

In addition, ULIE is looking for expertise and technologies in Finland to manufacture prostheses and start their production in Ukraine. Due to the war, Ukraine’s own capacity to meet the need for prostheses is very limited. Most of them currently need to be imported from outside Ukraine.

Finnpartnership can connect Finnish companies and organisations interested in the above-mentioned projects with ULIE. Finnpartnership can also provide financial grants for the implementation of the projects if they are related to the company’s plans to start a long-term business in Ukraine.

For more information, please contact

Ville Jokinen

Programme Officer

+358 (0)40 538 0540

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