Two or more Finnish organisations and the need for a local partner? Benefit from our new free service!


A good local partner many times holds a pivotal role for market success in global south. As of January 2022, Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support also covers project work of a local partner related to studies and market research as well as the development of a business plan.
For supporting the initiation of multi-stakeholder projects, we offer a Partner identification -service for projects with a minimum of two Finnish organizations. The service is executed by Finnpartnership and Niras Finland Oy, with whom we collaborate throughout the new program period 2022-2024.   
The service draws strength from the vast network of Niras country offices in East-Africa and South-East Asia. East-African markets covered by the service: Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, and Uganda. South-East Asian markets covered by the service: Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Lao, Malesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam.
The service includes three steps; 1) Initial discussion with Finnpartnership, allowing the Finnish organisations to present the project, 2) Review with Niras country office, after which Niras screens the market for identifying suitable partner candidates, 3) Digital meeting between the Finnish organisations and the potential partner.
Schedule an Initial discussion or reach out for additional information:
Axel Sointu, Business Partnership Lead
+358 40 596 9877

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