The 2024 application workshops schedule has been published


At the application workshops, participants learn about Finnpartnership’s financial grant, Business Partnership Support, how to apply for it and what kind of projects are eligible for it. The workshops cover the basics of how to do an application. The virtual workshops are held monthly (except July), every second month in Finnish and every second in English.

The workshops also cover the main principles of impact funding, including accountability requirements and development impacts, as well as concrete examples of other sources of such funding in Finland and abroad. 

Additionally, participants learn about Finnpartnership’s B2B Matchmaking service and the business opportunities offered by the Global Gateway campaign. The workshops also present Business Finland’s Developing Markets Platform and Fingo’s services to promote cooperation between businesses and NGOs.

Application workshops in 2024

Thu 18 January in Finnish

Thu 15 February in English

Thu 14 March in Finnish

Thu 11 April in English

Thu 16 May in Finnish

Thu 13 June in English

Thu 15 August in Finnish

Thu 12 September in English

Thu 17 October in Finnish

Thu 14 November in English

Thu 12 December in Finnish

Registration for the first workshops of the year is already open. Register here for the January workshop and here for the February workshop.

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