Learn about Kenyan export products and companies via KEPROBA’s Buyer-Seller portal


Kenya and Finland enjoy good trade and business relations for several years now. This has had a positive impact and promoted growth of businesses in Kenya, and vice versa. Finland presents a huge and ready market for various Kenyan products due to the existing and growing demand for them. Over time, Kenyan exports to Finland have grown totalling over 24 MEUR in 2022.

The Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency (KEPROBA), which is a state agency, works closely with Kenyan businesses, including SMEs, to build their capacity and prepare them accordingly in relation to existing international standards for various products. As part of its initiatives, KEPROBA has developed a publicly available database of verified export products. To be included in this Buyer-Seller platform as a seller, one has to meet various criteria which ensures that the products are fit for the consumers and meet market requirements. Buyers too can register to access this database and transact with the sellers online.

The Buyer-Seller platform provides quick and easy access to information about the various Kenyan export products and companies; such as year of establishment, number of employees and contact details. This allows for a quick analysis as is deemed necessary by the potential buyers. The database consists of various categories of products, and one can easily search for different products.

Some of the popular export products in this database include coffee, tea, fruits and vegetables, fresh flowers, handicrafts, textile and apparel. Interestingly, these also form some of the key imports by Finland from Kenya.

Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support can be granted to projects where the Finnish company aims to start imports to Finland. There is a huge and growing market for Kenyan products in Finland and herein lies business opportunities. Should a Finnish company be interested to engage with some of the Kenyan exporters for mapping the potential for collaboration, please reach out to Finnpartnership’s Regional Coordinator for Africa, Ms. Elizabeth Okunda,

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