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Celebrating the graduation of AmaniHoiva’s Health Care Assistants


On 8 December 2023, AmaniHoiva, together with the Maasai Mara University, celebrated the graduation of its inaugural cohort of Health Care Assistants. With 38 students completing the programme, the event marked a significant milestone for AmaniHoiva and the university, and most importantly, the students themselves.

The Health Care Assistants training programme is an initiative of AmaniHoiva Kotihoito, a Finnish company that provides home care for elderly. The training programme represents a fusion of Finnish expertise and international best practices in healthcare, with the curriculum’s content and structure drawing from Finland. Additionally, the programme incorporates Finnish trainers, ensuring a comprehensive transfer of knowledge and skills. AmaniHoiva received Finnpartnership’s financial grant, Business Partnership Support, for initiating the training. The programme holds approval from Kenya’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) and the Nursing Council of Kenya.

Through training and mentorship, AmaniHoiva aims to equip individuals with skills to provide compassionate care for those in need. Beyond skills development, the programme offers a pathway to employment for its graduates. Spanning one year, it not only enhances the capacity of Kenyan youth but also creates tangible job opportunities in the healthcare sector.

Responding to the needs of aging population

Kenya’s population aged 65 years and above has steadily increased over the years, demanding innovative solutions to ensure dignified living for the elderly. AmaniHoiva seeks to address the pressing need for accessible and affordable quality healthcare, particularly for the elderly and chronically ill. With the help of Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support, AmaniHoiva has established a subsidiary in Nairobi and aims to further develop its services.

“We are committed to bridging the existing healthcare gap by setting up a diagnostic centre in Nairobi, dedicated to serving the elderly and those with chronic illnesses, who are among the most vulnerable in society,” said Faisa Egge, CEO and founder of AmaniHoiva.

Watch below highlights from the graduation ceremony.

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