Morning Coffee in Africa: Navigating Business Opportunities and Challenges in Senegal


Senegal, a regional hub in West Africa, presents a promising landscape for Finnish businesses seeking expansion and investment opportunities. Discover Senegal’s dynamic landscape, where a youthful demographic profile converges with a growing middle class, presenting fertile ground for sustainable development initiatives and strategic partnerships. Amidst steadfast political stability, Senegal offers a platform for businesses to forge mutually beneficial collaborations, driving innovation and fostering long-term growth opportunities in the region. 

With its strategic location, growing economy, and supportive business environment, Senegal offers a multitude of sectors ripe for exploration and growth. However, understanding the local dynamics, navigating regulatory frameworks, and mitigating risks are crucial for successful market entry and sustainable business operations.

This webinar in co-organised by the Africa Business Network of the Finland Chamber of Commerce, Business Finland and Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The webinar aims to provide Finnish companies with comprehensive insights into the Senegalese market, covering key topics such as:

  1. Economic Outlook and Investment Climate: An overview of Senegal’s economic landscape, growth prospects, and investment incentive and sector spotlight.
  2. Exploring lucrative sectors for Finnish businesses: for example ICT, healthcare, construction, renewable energy, education and agriculture.
  3. Success Stories: Showcasing success stories of Finnish companies thriving in Senegal, highlighting their strategies, challenges, and key learnings.


  • Welcome Remarks by the Embassy of Finland in Senegal: Setting the tone for the webinar and emphasizing the importance of Finnish-Senegalese business collaboration.
  • Keynote Address by Eurocham in Dakar: Providing insights of the market and deep delve into the drivers of the economic development of Senegal.
  • Success Stories: Presentation by 2 Finnish Companies: Sharing first-hand experiences, challenges overcome, and strategies for success in the Senegalese market
    • Wärtsilä: business case
    • Nordic Eco Innovation: market entry 
  • Q&A session: An interactive discussion where participants can engage with industry experts, ask questions, and seek personalized advice
  • Closing Remarks: Finncham

Find more information about the event and registration HERE.

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