Meet Finnpartnership at the World Village Festival

Maailma kylässä

Finnpartnership takes part in the World Village Festival, held on 25-26 May. If your company is interested in doing business in developing markets or you are looking for business partners in Asia, Africa or Latin America, come and meet us. Finnpartnership’s staff can advise you on how the financial grant, Business Partnership Support, can help you get your business off the ground and how to apply for it. Through our B2B Matchmaking service you can also meet with local companies and find potential new business partners.

Learn more about Finnpartnership’s services at our event tent T607 (see the festival area map). Our staff will be available throughout the festival at 11-21 on Saturday and at 11-19 on Sunday.

Held in Suvilahti, Helsinki, the World Village Festival, is a sustainable development festival that offers a wide range of cultural events and discussions on sustainable development themes. The programme includes concerts, keynote speeches, hundreds of exhibitors and food and bazaar vendors. Find out more about the festival and its programme here.

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