Finland Pakistan Business Summit

Islamabad and Karachi, Pakistan

Find business partners and a gateway to a market of 250 million people at the Finland Pakistan Business Summit in April!

Pakistan is becoming an increasingly popular destination for business. With the help of Finnpartnership, a total of 7 new Finnish companies’ projects in the education, environment, energy, health, and IT sectors have been launched last year or are starting this year. Finnpartnership, in cooperation with the Finland Pakistan Business Council, was also present last year at the same event which generated an exceptional number of projects for Finnish companies. For that reason, Finnpartnership joins the event this year again. The Finland Pakistan Business Summit will take place on two days: 23 April in Islamabad and 25 April in Karachi – register: https://fpbs.fi/   

In developing markets, one of the key things is to find a reliable business partner, and Finland Pakistan Business Summit offers a great opportunity for this. The main organiser, Finland Pakistan Business Council, is exceptionally well networked with the local business community. Finding the right contacts for Finnish organisations through the event is very likely.

The event is open to all sectors. Finnish organisations can still apply for Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support before the trip if your company is planning long-term business activities in Pakistan or importing. For the Summit, the financial grant can cover flights, accommodation and finding business partners.

This year, Finnpartnership also encourages smaller companies in the textile, fashion, home furnishing and handicraft sectors with a particular interest in importing and manufacturing to participate. The Pakistanis hope to showcase advanced textile industrial know-how and small-scale production to Finnish participants. Finnpartnership will sponsor companies in this target group by covering the participation fee for the event, except for a small booking fee. Individual designers are also welcome to participate in case collaboration in small-scale production is of their interest. The Pakistani audience is also keen to hear more details about the Finnish garment and textile market as well as fashion.

Event for textile industry in Helsinki on 8 March – come and meet Pakistani companies!

Pakistani companies specialising in more sophisticated textile production will visit Finland in early March. The delegation includes 13 companies that mainly manufacture products for world-renowned sports brands. The companies are also interested in the production of workwear, camping products, and civilian protective equipment and textiles. They consider football as their flagship product and are the world’s largest producer.

Come and meet the delegation on 8 March at 10:00 – 13:00 at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Helsinki. At the event, participants will hear about the market opportunities for Finnish companies, the Business Summit, Finnpartnership’s funding and the opportunity to visit production sites in Pakistan. Register to the event by 4 March via this link. Find more information about the companies in the delegation here.

For more information, please contact:

Axel Sointu

Business Partnership Lead

+358 (0)40 596 9877

Elsa Nyman

Programme Officer

+358 (0)50 555 4289

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