Open Trade Gate Sweden (OTGS) is looking for new consultants related to developing markets and internationalization expertise


OTGS´s operations are aimed at facilitating exports from developing countries to Sweden and to EU. Exporters are supported in their process of preparation for and entering the Swedish and EU markets. OTGS helps exporters for example with the rules, procedures and technical requirements that apply to exports to Sweden and the EU. You can read more about OTGS here.

OTGS is expanding its activities and looking forward to increase its pool of consultants. To this aim, a procurement process is going on. The procurement is hoped to be of interest to many and the offers should be sent at the latest on 19th October 2020.

The procurement is divided into to parts:
(i) Market Expertise, where we look for experts whose task is to present the European and/or Swedish market to companies and export organizations in developing countries;
(ii) Export Readiness where we look for experts who would provide support to companies ready to export.

The procurement notice is published at TED.

The relevant documents are published at Tendsign and you can access them by following the link: (you will need to create a free of charge account first).