World Trading Company

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IndustryTextiles and clothing

Organisation typeCompany

Company Address 2 Wadi El-Nile, Mohdandessen
12411, Giza
Egypt Egypt

Phone number+202-33026796

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Contact Person Mr. Wael Abdrabou
Senior Merchandiser



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Project typeTradeIntermediary

Project abstractWorld Trading Company, an Egyptian vendor company operating in textiles and clothing sector and specialised in sourcing of apparel products is searching for Finnish partners who are interested in buying apparel and made-ups produced in Egypt or have contacts to other European buyers.

Project description

The company, established in 1989 and reincorporated as join stock company in 1992, is based in Giza, Egypt and currently employs 30 persons.

World Trading Company is a marketing and vendor company operating as an intermediary in between apparel factories and buyers. The company’s operations and apparel production in Egypt have several selling points which include:

  • The company has strong capabilities in the field of merchandise. This includes receiving customer’s costing package, selection of factories, negotiation of prices, placement of order, order planning (pre-production and production activities) and shipping.
  • The company provides services in the fields of quality assurance, social compliance and technical assistance.
  • Egypt is a country that provides duty free access to EU with short transit-time of 9-14 days.
  • There are over 4000 manufacturers operating in Egypt, out of which 600 are active in exporting.
  • Skilled and cost-efficient labor.
  • Development capabilities.
  • Superior quality of Egyptian cotton.
  • Strong infrastructure (i.a. ports, roads and telecom).
  • Production turnaround (lead-time): 30 – 40 days, depending on the size of the order.

The company is Egyptian-owned but has activities overseas with the US and EU customers who are interested in producing and importing apparels and made-ups from Egypt. The customers so far have been Polo Ralph Lauren, Chef Works and Coldwater Creek. The company has also collaborated with Primark and Groupe Zannier.

World Trading Company is currently looking for a Finnish partner that wants to buy apparel and made-ups from Egypt or has contacts to other European buyers.

Project timeline:

  1. Receiving Customer’s Costing Package: Analyze and review the package to make sure the following is available: Sketch/Measurement sheet/Fabric details/Wash/Embellishment details/ Packaging/ packing requirements
  2. Selection of Factory(s): Our first priority is to have this task done quickly. The selection process will occur through consulting the technical team’s Q.A. manager.
  3. Negotiation of Prices: Our goal is to obtain the prices ASAP. Upon receiving prices, we compare and analyse to see if there is any room for improvement. Also, to make sure that all price components are included
  4. Placement of Order: To decide which factory(s) to place order with.
  5. Order Planning (Pre-Production & Production Activities):
    • To plan order activities with selected factory, (Time & Action Plan). As well as the planned cut date, number of production lines, and productivity per line.
    • It is important to make sure that all pre-production activities have a time-frame and to be sure that both the customer and the factory are following this timeline
  6. Shipping:
    • Review and approve the factory’s shipping request. (Shipping mode, contract quantity, shipping date, shipping destination, etc.
    • Coordinate between the customer’s different factories for consolidation, in case of LCL (Less Container Load) shipment.
    • Review the factory’s shipping documents.
    • Obtain final inspection report from the Q.A.
    • Issue the Inspection Certificate

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Number of employees10-49

Annual turnover in €0,5-2M

Annual balance sheet total-

Already engaged in international co-operationYes

Percentage of transnational activitiesOver 50 %

Spotter assigned1