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Project abstractWedidit Solutions, a Vietnamese company has developed an innovative approach to help organizations and brands add a digital dimension to their physical items, and establish a two-way communication channels between them and the consumer base. Consumers are seeking in the physical world the richness and convenience of digital experience but that is not readily accessible. Organizations and brands wish they had more effective ways to reach and interact with their consumer base on-site, but lack the right tools to do so. Current implementation includes consumer brands, events and tourism, such as museums and city tourism authorities.

Project descriptionKomorebi bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds. This 2-way phygital communication platform provides organizations with the ability to add a digital dimension to physical items around us. Komorebi serves to enrich such items with diverse content and open up a brand new channel for 2-way communication and intelligence collection. It helps organizations talk, listen, understand and care for their consumers.

Komorebi is an end-to-end cloud communication platform, supporting organizations to directly communicate with their end-consumers. (1) Organizations use Komorebi to upload a variety of digital content for their physical items and embed such content on these items with a tag. (2) Consumers while interacting with the item can scan the tag with any standard QR reader to view desirable content, be served in their own language with a rich experience that lasts beyond the physical point of contact, and communicate with the organizations using their preferred communication channel. (3) Organizations are provided with dashboards, where intelligence and insights collected from their end-consumers and their behavior are presented. (4) Organizations can also push alerts to consumers, announcing special offers, updates, news and loyalty plans.

Most consumer brands in typically focus on B2B activities and concentrate mostly on their core business, namely production and relationship with their supply chain. Komorebi allows these brands to provide additional mobile digital information at point of sales or where the physical product is, hence acting as a promotional tool. In addition, it can provide the consumer with a quick and easy place to find all the relevant information to this product. Some examples of how Komorebi was used include:
Content or ingredients
Instructions of use
How to guides
Expert reviews
Digital manuals
Warranty activation
Up-sells & Cross-sells opportunities
and more...

Museums are using Komorebi to provide information on various exhibits and exhibitions, allowing tourists to have an enriched experience and improving museum engagement and name. Tourism authorities are using Komorebi to provide digital historical markers, thus enriching tourists experience. Some examples of how Komorebi was used include:
Sight, location or artefact information
Sponsors information
Rich multimedia, including video, audio, images in variety of formats and layouts (including 360, 3D, etc.), maps, enriched texts
Interactive sight & floor plans
Information on restaurants, hotels, travel, parking, etc.
General announcements, and alerts on any item
and more...

MICE event organizers use Komorebi for event registration, check-in and to provide ongoing attendees engagement pre, post and during the event. Attendees can interact with exhibitors, seminars & sessions, the physical space and so on making them a much more integral part of the event and providing a rich and fun experience to attendees. Some examples how Komorebi was used include:
Event registration using links or QR codes
Quick hustle free check-in process
Event information
Seminars information
Speakers information
Exhibitors information
Halls information
and more...

The company is currently looking for partners acting as an agent in Europe including Finland to expand their client base out of Vietnam's borders. The company is also interested in finding investors to expand their business even faster.


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