Universidad Hemisferios

General Information

IndustryEducational services

Organisation typeResearch, education or other similar institute

Company Address Iñaquito Alto, Paseo de la Universidad No. 300 y Juan Díaz
170526, Quito,
Pichincha, Ecuador

Phone number+59324014100

Web page https://www.uhemisferios.edu.ec/

Company Address galov@uhemisferios.edu.ec

Contact Information

Contact Person Mr. Galo Villacis
Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Business Science


Email galov@uhemisferios.edu.ec

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OrganisationLassi Pensikkala

Project typeProduction, marketing or other activity involving transfer of know-how or technology

Project abstractUniversidad Hemisferios, the Ecuadorian University operating in the education of undergraduate and master degrees students, is searching for Finnish partners for activities involving transfer of educational know-how, and educational technology incl. digitization in companies, artificial intelligence applied to business, big data and data science for business.

Project descriptionUniversidad Hemisferios, established in 2004 is based in Quito Ecuador and currently employs 210 persons.

The university is specialised in the education of undergraduate, master's degrees and continuing education with focus on a specialized educational process in Social Sciences, Economic Sciences, Human Sciences, Health Sciences, Law, Communication and Music.

Universidad Hemisferios is currently looking for a partner in educational products, courses and services within the areas of knowledge and new trends such as digitization in companies, artificial intelligence applied to business, big data and data science for business, as well as in the field of security for business. The university is searching for strategic allies to strengthen the programs with the areas of knowledge of international experts.


Number of employees210

Annual turnover in €10-50 million

Annual balance sheet total10-43 million

Already engaged in international co-operationYes

Percentage of transnational activities0-9%