Tien Dat Investment and Service Trading Production Co. Ltd

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Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Suite 501, Building A, Alley 325 Kim Nguu street, Thanh Luong ward, Hai Ba Trung district
100000, Hanoi
Vietnam Viet Nam

Phone number(+84-4) 3987-6550

Fax number(+84-4) 3987-6550

Web page http://www.tiscovina.com

Company Address contact@tiscovina.com

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Contact Person Mr Tuyen Van Nguyen


Email contact@tiscovina.com

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OrganisationIndependent consultant

Project typeTradeIntermediary

Project abstractTien Dat Investment and Service Trading Production Co., Ltd., Vietnam, specialised in handmade gift items, handicrafts, fashion accessories, home decor and furniture, and is searching for Finnish partners for importing to Finland/EU.

Project description

The company, established in 2009 is based in Hanoi, Vietnam and currently employs 12 persons (2 contracted staff and additionally e.g. 10 more depending on the order status).


Tien Dat Investment and Service Trading Co. Ltd. (Tien Dat Invest Co., Ltd.) is a manufacturing company specialising in handmade gift items, handicrafts, fashion accessories, home decor and furniture.

Tien Dat Invest Co is using natural local materials such as wood, seashells, water buffalo horns, silk, ethnic brocade and bamboo to produce fashion accessories (including: scarfs, ties, table cloths, bags, purses), home decorations (including: hand-embroidery pictures), jewellery (including: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hairpins, brooches, combs) , healthcare massagers (made from wood and water buffalo horns), furniture (including: tables and chairs,), tableware and kitchenware (bowls, discs, chopsticks, cutleries). The products are 100% handmade.

The company is located in Hanoi with workshops in traditional craft villages which are typical in Vietnam. By using local artists and craftsmen, the company also preserves traditional crafts skills and contributes to a poverty reduction program launched by the Government of Vietnam.

Tien Dat Invest Co., Ltd. is looking for importers and distributors to facilitate export of gifts and home decor to Finland. The company is also interested in setting up a joint venture to share e.g. design and product development. Tien Dat Invest Co., Ltd. is committed in offering elite artists, skilled labour and experienced supervisors to ensure successful partnership.

In addition to selling products in the local market; the company has been participating in trade fairs in Russia and China in recent years and it has exported their first handicraft gifts to these markets. The company also exported several lots to Finland in recent years thanks to Finnpartnership programme.

If you are interested in this company, please contact Finnpartnership’s company spotter assigned for this company. Contact information can be found below.


Number of employees2-10

Annual turnover in €0-0,5M

Annual balance sheet total0-0,5M

Already engaged in international co-operationYes

Percentage of transnational activities10-20%

Spotter assigned1

Spotter companyFinnSEA Oy

Spotter personPietro Karjalainen

Spotter Email pietro.karjalainen@finnsea.com