Thai Minh Long Seafood Company Limited

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IndustryFishery and fish products

Organisation typeCompany

Company Address Hamlet 5, Ho phong ward, Giarai town,
97500, Baclieu
Viet Nam

Phone number02913888899

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Contact Person Mr. Billy Tran
Sale Deputy Director



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OrganisationIf interested in this company please contact FP. Consultant can be assigned to verify the company.

Project typeTrade intermediary (distributor, importer, agent, representative)

Project abstractThai Minh Long Seafood Company Limited, Vietnamese company specialised processing and supplying frozen shrimps is searching for Finnish buyers and trade intermediaries.

Project descriptionThe company, established in 2015 is based in Bactieu, Vietnam and currently employs 250 persons.

The company’s main products include frozen shrimps. They process and supply e.g. Black tiger prawn (P. monodon), Vannamei shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei) with various types of processing like Raw hoso, cooked hoso, raw PD & PDTO, cooked PD & PDTO, blanched products, marinated and skewer, Nobashi, Butterfly etc. The company has food quality management certifications such as BRC, ASC, HACCP, ISO22000 and Halal. They are also upgrading to BSCI.

The customers so far have been from Europe, UK, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and ASEAN region.

The company is currently looking for Finnish direct buyers and trade intermediaries.


Number of employees250

Annual turnover in €10 - 50 million

Annual balance sheet total10 - 50 million

Certifications, standardsHACCP, ISO22000:2018, ASC and BRC certifications